Activated Alumina


Known as aluminium oxide, AI2O3, the Activated Alumina is often used as a desiccant for various purposes due to its robust nature. With a high surface area of over 200m2g the Activated Alumina is used to absorb many different substances such as liquid and gases, while its form remains unchanged.

With its various properties such as high water adsorption capacity, mechanical strength and low attrition lost, the desiccant is able to give a dew point of at least -40 Degree Celsius and up to -70 Degree Celsius when under high pressure. When exposed to moisture in the long run, the Activated Alumina can also be restored to its full capacity by heating it at high temperature.

Activated Alumina applications

  • Purifying of water through the removal of fluoride, arsenic and selenium
  • Removal of catalyst residue in ethylene products
  • Adsorbing of catalyst in polyethene and hydrogen peroxide products
  • Cleaning of process stream by removing HF, Chloride or HCI from contaminated gas

Key Features

Product Features

  • Physical appearance does not change
  • Large surface adsorption area 
  • Ideal for use in heavy industrial applications


Activated Alumina Brochure