Easy-Cut Safety Cutter 4000


Designed with the safety of the users in mind, the Easy-Cut Safety Cutter 4000 features a radius-tip blade that is capable of opening packaging of goods efficiently without damaging the inner product.

Easy-Cut Safety Cutter 4000 features three precise blade-depth settings along with a “Blade Vanishing Technology”. This technology allows blades to retract upon losing contact with the cutting surface automatically, ensuring that the users are injury-free from the cuts of the blade while preventing goods from damage. The Easy-Cut Safety Cutter 4000 can be used for a wide range of packaging materials such as plastic packaging, shrink wrap and more.

It includes a tape cutter, lanyard and holster to ensure that knives are kept safe when not in use. It also features a dual-side edge ensures that both left and right-handed users can make precise cuts and a blade storage compartment that allows easy blade change, increasing efficiency and productivity. Itis a lightweight, durable and portable box and strap cutter that ensures the users’ safety while reducing product damage and mitigate damage cost.

Easy-Cut 4000 Series Overview