Economic Packaging Machine


Increase efficiency and improve productivity with the Economic Packaging Machine, an advanced solution for packing and sealing a variety of consumer products. Its unique and user-friendly design increases efficiency improves productivity and significantly reduces labour time and costs. Incorporated with a computerised control system with PLC with a fault indicator, this enables the users to adjust the functions of the machine easily to suit different needs. Easy to use and operate, the Economic Packaging Machine is capable of packing and sealing a wide range of products and bags such as strip bags compatible with 2-99 bags, aluminium foil-based films and most laminated films such as PE, BOPP, PE, CPP, NYLON and PET.

Key Features

  • Adjustable features
  • Easy to use with computerised control system
  • Compatible with most laminated and aluminium foil-based films
  • Made of durable stainless steel parts
  • Applicable for a range of dosing systems
  • Efficient, high quality, reduce costs

Economic Packaging Machine Product Brochure