Ethylene Absorber Filter


The Ethylene Absorber Filter is designed with several unique features. It is designed to protect both specific fruit and the people that manufacture it. The Ethylene Absorber Filter consist of GK3 and GK4 granulates that are capable of absorbing more than 3 and 4 litres of ethylene respectively. It incorporates flanged connections into the cap, which makes the assembling of the filter quick and easy. The bending of a plastic finger is not required and flanges come in a soft curve shape. By anchoring the flange, it allows the cord to enter in four different positions which are particularly useful when installing in trucks. A double-sided adhesive option is available with the filter to make installation in trucks that have plastic tube ventilation much easier.

  • Produce minimal level of dust
  • Reduce a higher level of ethylene in a container in comparison with other products
  • Delivers an extremely high capacity without sodium permanganate and the severe risk it implies.
Factors on Calculating the Absorption Capacity
  • The type of fruit
  • The days in transit
  • The weight transported
  • Remaining capacity measurement: Available filter capacity can be adjusted accordingly based on variables such as the season of the year and the different levels of ripeness.

Selection Guide

Available Models:

  • EF50 FILTER (50cm)
  • EF75 AND EF75HC FILTER (75cm)
  • EF100 and EF100HC FILTER (100cm)