Ethylene Covers ꞁ Tomatoes


The Ethylene Cover specially designed for transporting tomatoes and capable of maintaining the freshness and quality of cut fruit, vegetables and flowers, prolonging their shelf life.

Cost-effective and easy to use, the ethylene cover is a go-to product for exporters, farmers and stockists. Not only is the ethylene Cover able to ensure the freshness of your products, but it is also able to provide economic savings by reducing cooling cost needed and the rejection of products at destinations due to deterioration.

Key Features


  • Ensures quality and freshness for longer
  • Extends the shelf life of vegetables
  • It allows storing and / or transporting mixed loads
  • Provide benefits by avoiding rejection
  • Reduce weight loss
  • Reach distant markets
  • Its size allows it to be placed on top of the boxes, forming an integral part of the packaging

Selection Guide

Selection Guide


  • The porosity of the paper is superior to the classics used in the envelopes.
  • The small granulometry of the ethylene absorbent, makes the granulate, has a large surface and with it a high reaction speed.
  • The granulate is spread over a large area and comes into contact with ethylene in an easier way.
  • They maintain quality and allow to reach distant markets.

All these reasons make it a product, which is capable of reducing ethylene levels like no other. The paper at the bottom, which is in contact with the products, is of a special composition that makes it more resistant to water , than papers containing only cellulose. It is approved for contact with food
The leaves are packed in groups, with plastic barrier that prevents the sheet can be consumed with air pollutants and helps make the packaging as compact as possible.

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