Ethylene Pallet Cover


The Ethylene pallet covers functions to reduce and absorb gases such as volatiles and ethylene that causes fruits and vegetable to ripen and deteriorate quicker. This extends the post-harvest shelf life of fruits while ensuring its freshness and quality.

Ethylene Pallet Cover Applications

The Ethylene Cover|MB+P|Pallet Covers can be used to replace tube filters in reefer containers by distributing it throughout the containers. It is proven to be a more effective method to reduce contaminants while not affecting the artificial ripening process at the same time.

The cover can also be used as a supplement for tube filters during transportation of products that emits high ethylene (such as apple and mango), and products that require a low level of ethylene (such as avocado and kiwi).
The Ethylene Cover|MFAC|Pallet Covers functions best when used in an air freight containers, controlled atmosphere containers and pallets with M.A. covers.

Ethylene covers|MFAC|Pallet covers