Flush Mounting Pipeline Desiccators


The Flush Mounting Pipeline Desiccator is designed to be flush-mounted into a unit curved shape for military applications. Incorporated with a humidity indicator, this makes the device capable of providing visual alerts to its users to replace the desiccant when saturated. The desiccant can be replaced through the filler plug on the side.

Selection Guide

Available Models:

  • 60g to 200g Molecular Sieves Filled In-Line Desiccators
  • 60g to 300g Indicating Silica Gel Filled In-Line Desiccators
  • 1kg Molecular Sieves & Silica Gel In-Line Dryer (100 PSI Working Pressure)
  • In-Line Dryer

Flush Mounting Pipe Line Desiccator Brochure