The Humi Dryer Plus, also known as continuous container desiccant, is a specially formulated desiccant made from calcium chloride and polymer gelling agent. With a water vapour adsorption rate of up to 280% of its weight (independent lab tested 100% and at 50°C ), the Humi Dryer Plus is made to lower humidity levels in shipping or storage containers, ensuring products are damage-free from moisture. It can be used to ship food-related and non-toxic products such as rice, flour, canned food, coffee beans, etc. The Humi Dryer Plus is available in two sizes, 1kg, 1.5kg, and a custom single desiccant sachet is also available at 250 or 300gm for pallet shipments.

  • Place Humi Dryer Strip plus in shipping containers to absorb moisture. 
  • Able to be used in shipping commodities such as flour, rice, canned foods, coffee beans, etc. 


 Item No.  Weight  Quantity
 CHP0125T2  125 gm  96PKTS/CTN
 CHP1000T1  1 kg  15STRIP/CTN
 CHP1500T1  1.5 kg  10STRIP/CTN

Key Features

  • Made from Polymer Gelling agent and Calcium Chloride
  • Reduces humidity inside shipment and storage containers
  • Adsorption up to 280% of its own weight
  • Packing material: Tyvek and Fabric
  • Comes in two sizes – 1kg or 1.5kg
  • Custom single sachet packs of 250 or 300 gm available for pallet shipments
  • Non-toxic
  • Food grade 

Selection Guide

  • 15 strips of 1kg desiccant per carton
  • 10 strips of 1.5kg of desiccant per carton

Humi Dryer Plus Brochure