Integra Boost 62% R.H.


INTEGRA is a humidity controller to ensure that products remain fresh and of top quality. The Integra Boost 62% R.H. is amongst INTEGRAs product lines that are capable of regulating humidity at 62% R.H. It is incorporated with a patented technology that maintains the relative humidity through adsorbing and releasing of moisture. The packaging of the Integra Boost 62% R.H. is tear and spill-resistant, non-toxic, and does not alter product flavours. Each pack comes with a replacement indicator for hands-free monitoring. Use BOOST because it offers a salt-free solution, packaged with food-grade inks, and does not alter flavours or aromas.

Key Features

  • Do not tamper with the product’s taste or smell
  • Integra Boost packaging material is tear-resistant & spill-proof
  • Food-grade ink is used for packaging printing

Selection Guide

 RH Level  62%  62%  62%
 Grams  4g  8g  67g
 Quantity   600 pieces   individually   wrapped

 200 pieces   individually   wrapped

 300 pieces   individually   wrapped

 144 pieces   individually   wrapped

 100 pieces   individually   wrapped

 24 pieces   individually   wrapped

 12 pieces   individually   wrapped

Humidity Indicator Card Brochure