Manual Relief Valve

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The Manual Relief Valves are designed to be used in compact containers or cases. The Manual Relief Valves provide different ways to equalise pressure or vacuum differentials before opening the containers. These relief valves can be installed with ease through a single hole in the wall of the case. They also come with all attaching hardware. Some of the models come with the safety wire protection feature to prevent the unofficial opening of the valves. The suggested torque valve for installation of all Manual Relief Valves is 30lbs/ins. Do note that no visual indication is available to indicate if the Manual Relief Valves are open or closed. Careful consideration should be taken before selecting the valves due to possible outcomes from consistent exposure to the outside ambient if left open, and potential damage to the container if left closed.

Manual Relief Valve (Exhaust Port)

Featuring a physical overrule button to open the port, the Manual Relief Valve is an exhaust port that can be made use of as an inlet connection on containers. The self-sealing valve grants air an excess to the container but obstructs air from flowing out.

0.466-32 UNS Thread Breather Valve

The Breather Valve is blacked anodised and has a restrained knurled twist knob for manual operation and be utilised in thin wall containers. It can be mounted through a 0.50 inch (13mm) diameter hole. The unit, being IP67 rated, is entirely immersion proof and meets MS18014-1.

0.200-20 UNF Thread Breather Valve

This “push-to-open” UNF Thread Breather Valve can be mounted through a 0.51 inch (13 mm diameter hole). Even when the button is being depressed by users wearing arctic gloves, the side venting design allows the pressure to be equalised. Should the vacuum pressures exceed 6.0 psid, the unit may open automatically.

0.2000-20 UNF Thread Breather Valve

This moderate-sized “turn-to-open” Manual Relief Valve has a recessed captive screw that needs to be rotated once or twice with a screwdriver to open the valve. Apart from its safety wire feature, this valve can be set up through a 0.51 inch (13mm) diameter hole.

Key Features

  • Easy to install
  • Perfect product that can be used with small containers
  • Tamper-proof

Selection Guide

Manual Relief Valve (Exhaust Port)
  • A manual override button to open the port 
  • Can be used as an inlet connection on containers. 
  • self-sealing valve allows air to enter the container only
0.466-32 UNS Thread Breather Valve
  • Black anodised
  • A captive knurled twist knob for hand operation and can be used in thin wall containers 
  • Fully immersion proof as this unit is IP67 rated
  • Can be mounted through a 0.50 inch (13mm) diameter hole
0.200-20 UNF Thread Breather Valve
  •  A “push-to-open” relief valve
  • Has a side venting design enable pressure equalisation 
  • Open automatically at vacuum pressures above 6.0 psid
  • Can be mounted through a 0.50 inch (13mm) diameter hole
0.2000-20 UNF Thread Breather Valve
  • A medium-sized “turn-to-open” manual relief valve 
  • Equipped with a recessed captive screw which can be opened with a screwdriver or coin
  • Can be mounted through a 0.51 inch (13 mm) diameter hole

Manual Relief Valve Brochure