Mini Immersion Breather


The Mini Immersion Breathers are designed for smaller equipment with a limited amount of space available. This equipment includes membrane keyboards, remote control devices, battery packs and handheld radios.

Incorporated with a hydrophobic membrane, this makes the Mini Immersion Breather impermeable for the transfer of liquid. It also allows air to pass through to prevent pressure build-up. Desiccants can also be filled to the Mini Immersion Breathers to dry the air entering the equipment. The breathers are easily installed – screw in the threaded boss or mount using the locknut provided.

Key Features

Product Features

  • Ideal for equipment with limited space
  • Suitable for hand held radios, battery packs, remote control devices and membrane keyboards
  • Air transfer “in & out”
  • Threaded or lock nut mounted option
  • Immersion protection to 5m
  • Immersion time period up to 24hrs
  • Constant pressure equalization
  • Solvent and oil resistant
  • Temperature range from -40 degrees to +125 degrees
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Choice of housing materials
  • Easy installation
  • IP 67 rating           

Mini Immersion Breather Brochure