Nitrogen Purging System (NEPS1000 Advantage)


The Nitrogen Purging System 1000 Advantage (NEPS1000 Advantage) is designed to offer an effective and efficient use of dry nitrogen to purge optical, electronic, high voltage laser systems and equipment that requires gas drying and inhibiting of oxygen.

A user-friendly purging system that operates by connecting the dry gas source to the inlet connection and the equipment port. The NEPS1000 Advantage allows users to configure its setting process easily to view display dewpoint measurements and process control values in Degree Celsius or Fahrenheit with pressure in Kpa or psi. Furthermore, the highly visible liquid displays of the system provide constant information and readout during operation.

Features a selection of four in-built testing capabilities, the NEPS1000 Advantage allows verification of sealing standard of the equipment to be purged. The pressure leak rate display solution is 0.01 psi. Pressure testing can be done in pressures from 10.3 Kpa (1.5 psi) to 34.4 Kpa (5.0 psi).

The dewpoint monitor of the NEPS1000 Advantage allows users to be updated of the dryness of gas before beginning the purging operation. Dewpoint refers to the temperature which air or gas is needed to be cooled for the formation of condensation. It is also useful for stating the quality control requirement for purging and instrument or enclosure.

The Dewpointstat feature of the NEPS1000 Advantage enables users to determine the volume of moisture that is needed to be contained within the equipment and to implement an optimised gas and purging procedure for production control. The remote dewpoint sensor option allows users to monitor the progress of dewpoint dryness within the equipment being purged. Upon reaching the selected dewpoint, it will then switch off and isolate the dry gas.

A highly versatile purging system, the NEPS1000 Advantage can operate form global country voltages and frequencies ranging from 100 to 230 VAC at 50-60 Hz. The NEPS1000 Advantage can be used in a range of applications involving optical instruments, storage containers, underwater equipment, surveillance equipment, laser systems and SF6 switchgear.



Useable Gases : Air, nitrogen, SF6, helium argon
Selectable Pressure Ranges : 10.3kpa/17.2kpa/34.4kpa
Display range pressure : 0 to 34.4kpa
Display range dewpoint: +20 to -80 degree/ +68F to -94F dewpoint/ 0.1 Degrees
Resolution 0.1 degrees dewpoint
Accuracy +/- 2 degrees dewpoint
Data output pressure : 0-5 volts
Data output Dewpoint : 0-5 volts

Power  100-230 volt 50Hz – 60Hz
power consumption 3 Amps
Dimension 490W x 425D x 190H (closed)
Weight 12kg
Ingree protection 1P54 (Closed case)
Operating temp -10 to +50 degrees
Storage temp -50 to 65 degrees celsius
Proof pressure Input 137kpa (20 PSI)
Flow rate 20 litres/min
Optional extras  See NEPS accesories

Key Features

Product Features

  • Easy to Use Single Connection Purging
  • Dew Point and Pressure Readout
  • Remote Dew Point Sensing Option
  • Portable and Robust
  • User Programmable
  • Automatic Purging Operation
  • Dew Point Stat Gas Control
  • Dew Point Display from +20ºC to -80ºC
  • Maintainable Online
  • NATO Approved