Polyethylene (PE) Bags and Zip Lock Bags are highly demanded bags used for cataloging and storing goods. The plastic bags manufactured from quality Polyethylene material which is odour and moisture-resistant. These bags keep the packaged products clean, free of moisture, and protect them from damaging UV rays. The built-in zip lock enables airtight sealing, which keeps the products fresh for a long time. Polyethylene (PE) Bags and Zip Lock Bags are made from low-density polyethene that has high tensile strength, flexibility, water barriers, and clarity. They are used extensively by various industries to keep products safe for a long time. These bags are also resistant to most of the caustic compounds.

  • Used extensively by the food manufacturing industry
  • Ideal for storing different types of foods
  • Plastic industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Technology sector
  • Others

Key Features

  • Customisable sizing
  • Light density
  • Flexible and strong
  • Have high tensile strength
  • High-quality packing
  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent for a variety of products
  • FDA and USDA approved
  • Outstanding moisture protection
  • Wide range of printing options available
  • Quick manufacturing lead times
  • Oil, water, temperature and grease resistant
  • Dustproof