Pocket Safety Cutter Elite


The Pocket Safety Cutter Elite features a single blade setting that has the perfect depth for users of all skill levels, to use and be assured that the product inside will not be damaged.

The Pocket Safety Cutter Elite is a palm-sized strap and carton cutter, capable of fitting safely in pockets or can be used as a pen with its built-in pocket clip. Incorporated with a dual safety feature, the cutter includes a small secondary safety trigger button inside the primary trigger mechanism that activates upon being squeezed. This means that the blade will not be exposed when not in use, allowing safe storage in pockets, drawers, toolboxes, etc. Once the trigger is released, the blade will automatically retract to its original locked position.

For additional protection, it has a built-in safety return that overrides the trigger function, causing the blade to retract upon losing contact with cutting surface.

Once it can no longer provides a sharp cutting surface, it can be disposed and discarded. Small and easy-to-use the pocket Safety Cutter Elite proves the best safety protection for your cutting needs.

Optional Feature:

Here at Stream Peak, it can be equipped with a magnet to fixate to metal surfaces, reducing the time taken to find lost cutters.

Small and easy-to-use, our safety cutter provides the utmost safety protection to users during use. Get your Pocket Cutter Elite today!

Click here to watch our video on safety cutters.