SafeNDry MoldAway


SafeNDry MoldAway is designed to eliminate the growth of mould spores in homes, preventing potential health problems. When mould or mould spores are being inhaled or touched, it may cause respiratory or allergic problems to the person. However, with the SafeNDry MoldAway, it ensures safe and effective treatment of your home environment and even in the smallest corners. MoldAway is made of a unique blend of natural ingredients, capable of not only absorbing moisture but also the elimination of odours.

An industrial-grade humidifier used to prevent the growth of mould and mildew. When at a relative humidity (R.H.) of 5%, MoldAway will start adsorbing moisture, maintaining it at below 30%. Each bag can last up to 4 months depending on climate and level of humidity present in confined spaces.



  • Height : 9.625 inches
  • Width : 5 inches
  • Depth : 2.562 inches
  • Contains : 3 (200 gram) bags
  • Quantity : 12 per master case

Key Features

Product Features

  • Remove musty odour.
  • Humidity Indicator card attached to the sachet.
  • Environmentally safe and easy to use.
  • Non-toxic contains natural ingredient.
  • Container bag is fully leak-proof and retains all moisture inside.
  • Foil overwrap protects the moisture adsorber from activating prior to use
  • Works well in residential and commercial properties

SafeNDry MoldAway Brochure