SafeNDry WaderSaver


The SafeNDry WaderSaver functions to prevent mould, rust, mildew and corrosion, extending the life of your fishing gear. Capable of not only absorbing desiccant, but it can also be used to eliminate odour in the surrounding as well. Each bag of WaderSaver is foil overwrapped to prevent activation before usage.

WaderSaver is filled with natural ingredients that are non-toxic, safe and FDA approved. It also features a humidity indicator card that changes colour from blue to pink, indicating that the product needs to be replaced.

SafeNDry WaderSaver is available in two models: WaderSaver and WaderSaver Plus.



Product specification WaderSaver PLUS

  • Height: 9.5 inches
  • Width: 6 inches
  • Depth: 1.75 inches
  • Contains: 3 (bags – 200g silica gel)
  • Quantity: 6 per master case

Product specification WaderSaver

  • Height: 6.75 inches
  • Width: 3.5 inches
  • Depth: 1.75 inches
  • Contains: 4 bags of 25g of silica gel
  • Quantity: 6 per master case

Key Features

Product Features

  • Absorb moisture.
  • Eliminate odor.
  • Prevent mold & mildew.
  • Protect against corrosion & rust.
  • Made with non-toxic natural ingredient.
  • No open containers or liquid to spill
  • Container bag is fully leak-proof and retains all moisture inside

SafeNDry WaderSaver Brochure