Combined Relief Valves & Indicators

Combined Relief Valves & Indicators

By incorporating a Two-Way Breather Valve and humidity indicator, this has resulted in the Humidity Indicator and Relief Valve having a separate and distinct setting for both pressure and vacuum relief. With only one hole required during installation, the Humidity Indicator and Relief Valve is ideal when space is limited. It is designed for mounting in humidity-controlled enclosures subjected to air transportation and moisture-sensitive electronic equipment, to monitor and detect changes in the humidity of the space. The Combined Relief Valve & Indicator is irreversible, meaning that the colour of the sensor paper would change from blue to pink when humidity increases and revert to blue when the humidity returns to normal. Static desiccators can be fitted along with a desiccant cartridge to prevent moisture from entering the equipment during use. It is also available in two different models, each with its specific functions.

M24 Thread Pressure Relief & Humidity Indicator Unit

The M24 Thread Pressure Relief & Humidity Indicator Unit is a relief valve that can perform an additional function apart from monitoring humidity and relieving pressure. By installing a desiccator, this unit is capable of R.F screening continuity as well.

¾Thread Humi-Valve

¾Thread Humi-Valve is a lightweight, tamperproof and rugged valve, designed with a separate path to the humidity indicator. As corrosion-resistant material is applied to the valve, field maintenance is not required. The unit also features a manual release push button to allow users to open the containers with ease. The ¾n  Thread Humi-Valve is packaged together with a washer, hex nut, and gasket upon purchase.

  • Changes from blue to pink when there is high humidity and goes back to blue when humidity decreases
  • A combination of M24 Thread Pressure Relief and Humidity Indicator Unit ¾” Thread Humi-Valve
  • Can be used for electrical equipment, storage areas, cameras, and laser systems
  • M24 Thread Pressure Relief & Humidity Indicator Unit
  • ¾Thread Humi-Valve

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