High Flow Relief Valve

High Flow Relief Valve

The High Flow Relief Valve is designed to automatically move a large volume of air and quickly prevent the build of up pressure in applications. With an opening point of 0.50 psi ± 0.25 psi in both directions, the High Flow Relief Valve can provide pressure and vacuum relief at a fast decompression rate which protects the goods inside from extreme pressure and allow safe access into the application.


  • Perfect Substitute from Rupture Disks

The High Flow Relief Valve is an alternative to the single-use Rupture Disk used to protect applications from over-pressuring. The High Flow Relief Valve is not only reusable, but it also comes with a flow rate of up to 140 SCFM and can provide rapid decompression with only 15 seconds needed for typical cargos.

  • Best Protection from Atmospheric Pressure

During airborne transport, large volume containers require a large volume of moving air to prevent explosion caused by atmospheric pressure changes with altitude. A single High Flow Relief Valve can provide sufficient atmospheric pressure protection for a container over 1,100 ft.³.

  • Easy to Use

The High Flow Relief Valve features a manual release button to allow safe and easy entry into the enclosure when pressurised or under vacuum conditions. A retaining clip is present to prevent the button from being misused while the lanyard is attached to the clip to avoid misplacement. With only 1.25” between the walls of the container and the tip of the manual release button, the valve is not only low profile but can also be easily installed into container walls up to 1/2” thick.

  • Prevent pressure buildup and remove large air quantities
  • Protect goods from extreme pressure
  • Easy to install
  • Pressure and vacuum relief at the opening point of 0.50 psi ± 0.25 psi in both directions

High Flow Valve Product Brochure: Download

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