Condensation Terminator Sheet

Condensation Terminator Sheet

Shipping Container Condensation

As the walls of the containers are made of metallic materials, they are great insulators of temperature, allowing temperatures to be easily influenced by the environment. Condensation occurs when the walls of the container become cooler than the air due to frequent temperature changes. During condensation, water vapour turns into a liquid, rises, and adheres to the surface of the walls and roof of the container. Water droplets accumulate and become denser as they accumulate, eventually dripping off these surfaces and onto the cargo/goods. As a result, goods suffer from corrosion, powder caking, packaging deterioration, moulding, and other issues. Further damage to goods may also happen, resulting in more losses occurring.

Condensation Terminator Sheet

The Condensation Terminator Sheet (CT Sheet) is used to keep cargos protected from moisture during transportation. The Condensation Terminator Sheet is designed to allow only water vapour to pass through and act as a barrier to water droplets. It functions as a water-absorbing sheet, catching condensation droplets from the container’s ceiling and walls. It is designed to be durable and firm in order to prevent sagging and water leakage even when a large amount of water is absorbed.


The CT Sheet is designed with a special hook that hung onto lashing rings and rope-tied to lashing bars at each corner. The CT Sheet’s most inner side and the door side should adhere to the ceiling with adhesive tapes.


  • There should be a 20cm gap between the CT Sheet and the top of the cargo
  • The cargo should not be touching the CT Sheet
  • Ensure that there is no oil or dirt on the surface of the cargo and CT Sheet
  • Ensure the tape areas of the container is dry so that CT Sheet remains intact
  • Lashing rings is needed for CT Sheet to be attached to roof corners

Condensation Terminator Sheet is a simple and cost-effective solution for preventing moisture damage in containers that takes only 5 minutes to install and remove. CT Sheet does not require cleaning after each use and is easily stored. Most importantly, it is highly applicable to a wide range of products, including steel, steel wires, machine parts, metal, cosmetic and beauty products, chemicals, detergent, medicine, food, and many others.

  • Prevents moisture damage
  • No obvious sagging
  • Simple installation
  • Separable into burnable and non-combustible
  • No need to clean up
  • Versatile, applicable for a wide variety of goods

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