V, W, X, Y & Z Transformer Breathers

V, W, X, Y & Z Transformer Breathers

The V, W, X, Y & Z Transformer Breathers are designed to provide large capacity tanks protection against moisture. These breathers are more robustly constructed due to the large number of desiccants needed. Capable of getting mounted by a pipe thread or flange connection, these transfer breathers are equipped with a two-way pressure value in their base plate, allowing air to enter when there is a negative difference in air pressure. These breathers are incorporated with a removal desiccant container made of mild steel and protected with a phosphate and powder coat. Also, they feature a shatter-proof and UV stabilised polycarbonate window to provide clear visibility of silica gel. This window acts as a visual alert to handlers when there is a need for replacement. The transformer breather is clamped between the top and bottom end plats by four metal tie rot with threaded nuts. By releasing the threaded nuts, the Envirogel (Orange-Indicating Silica Gel) can be replaced easily.

Additional Information:

  • Size ‘V, W, and X’ Transformer Breather have a ¾” Female Pipe Thread
  • Size ‘Y and Z’ Transformer Breather has a 1” Female Pipe Thread
  • All threads conform to BS21 and ISO7-1

V, W, X, Y & Z Transformer Breathers Product Brochure: Download

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