Ethylene Machine

Ethylene Machine

EThe Ethylene Machine GK120-GK300 is ideal for applications in a small cold storage room for fruits such as kiwis, berries, and flowers. This machine complies with the requirement of Low Voltage Regulation 2006/95/CE, Directive 2006/42/EC, EMC Directive 2004/108/EC on emissions and electromagnetic immunity. It is available in two different models, 110v 60Hz and 220v 60Hz.

 Tech Features

 GK 120

 GK 300

 Height (cm)  31  31
 Depth (cm)  17  17
 Width (cm)  13  55
 Weight in kg w/o Granules  5.17  7.15
 Granule Format  Unsewn mesh  Vpack M18 module
 Granule Weight  1 kg  6 kg
 Particle Filter  No  Yes, G4
 Power Supply  230V 50Hz  230V 50Hz
 Voltage (W)  45W  45W
 Intensity (A)  0.16  0.16
 Capacity (M3/h)  120  300

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