PP and PET Strapping Band

PP and PET Strapping Band

The Polypropylene (PP) & Polyester (PET) Strapping Band is designed to secure various goods, especially heavy-duty goods together inside a container to reduce movement and enable smooth shipping.

Why Do We Need Strapping Bands?

When shipping goods in boxes and cargo, movement may occur during transit when the container is tilted around. When these boxes and cargo shift about, goods inside may shift as well, causing damage due to movement and impact. To prevent such damages, we provide load securement tools such as void fillers, netting, shoring, wedging, and many more. However, to secure large and bulky boxes and cargo together, Strapping Bands are the most optimal solution. We offer two different Strapping Bands, PP & PET Strapping Band and Polyester Composite Strap, which are a safer alternative to steel strapping.

How Does It Work?

Manufactured from high tensile polyester yarns, the PP & PET Strapping Bands are strapped onto cargo/ boxes and fastened with wire buckles for optimal usage. By incorporating the Strapping Bands with wire buckles, it ensures firm and secure holding to goods, preventing movement and toppling.


Due to the durable material of the PP & PET Strapping Band, this makes it extremely strong and capable of holding and securing large and heavy goods with a traction force of 470 to 2400 daN. The Strapping Bands are also long-lasting, meaning that they do not splice, do not corrode easily, are highly tearproof with low elongation, and absorb very little moisture. Most importantly, it has a high shock absorption rate which further minimises damage from impact. It can be re-tensioned in case of volume loss in packaged goods and has a high breaking load, linear and within the system. Highly versatile, the strapping bands can be used to secure and protect a wide variety of goods. It also features limited resistance against acids and lyes, making it a one-stop solution for various goods.

Our Strapping Bands also ensures that the surface of goods is damage-free due to the band’s smooth material and surface. Strapping Bands are simple and easy to use, providing a cost-effective solution to load securement during shipping. They also ensure that goods are free from damage and workers are safe from injuries. Our Strapping Bands are also highly customisable, allowing users to choose the right belt length, coil, width, and linear/system for their goods.

  • No damage to most surfaces
  • Does not corrode
  • Easy to handle
  • Low investment cost
  • High shock absorption
  • Limited resistance against lyes and acids
  • No risk of injury for shippers or consignees in using or opening the strapping
  • Special glue coating for usage in baling press machines available

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