ShockWatch Companion Label

ShockWatch Companion Label

The ShockWatch Companion Label provides a visual warning to carriers that the product is being monitored for mishandling during shipping. The instructions that are written on the ShockWatch Companion Label on what to do when mishandling occurs help to prevent and reduce the damage of goods during transportation. Click here to watch a video about TiltWatch. For applications, the ShockWatch Companion Label is to be stuck on the outside of packages.

ShockWatch Tape

The ShockWatch Tape is a packaging indicator served as a visual alert to carriers that the impact indicators are currently in use and is being monitored for mishandling. Bright in colour, these ShockWatch Tapes are imprinted with the words “Caution and Handle with Care”, making them easily recognisable for many. The tape is also reflective, which makes the message visible from a distance or in the dark, reducing the risk of damaged goods during shipment. For applications, the ShockWatch Tape is to be stuck on the outside of packages.

Shock Sticker

As a visual alert tool to remind carriers and consignees that the product is being monitored for mishandling, the Shock Sticker also helps to indicate when the goods or product has been damaged during transit. This sticker provides users with a cost-effective solution to prevent product damage during transportation, putting the supplier and receiver at an ease of mind. For applications, the Shock Sticker is to be stuck on the outside of packages.

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