Inflatable Air Pillow

The Inflatable Air Pillow is a void filler used to offer protection to products during shipment and transportation. A much more cost-effective and economical solution compared to Bubble Wrap and Polychip Packaging Peanuts, the Air Pillow can reduce the damage of products even in minimal space. Not only do these Air Pillows comes in different sizes, but their exterior look is also highly customisable where printing can be done from logos to custom graphics. The Inflatable Air Pillow also comes with an EZ-tear feature which allows Air Pillows to be separated easily. These create lesser weight per package and lowers the cost per cubic foot. The Air Pillow is also recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly go-to option. The Air Pillow is also supplied with Inflatable Air Pillow Machine, allowing users to inflate air pillows conveniently.

  •  EZ-Tear perforations allow pillows to be separated easily, enhancing efficiency
  • Durable and puncture-resistant pillows inflate on-demand, saving warehouse space
  • Recyclable
  • Available Sizes: 8”, 10” and 12” widths
  • Available Mil Thicknesses: 1.1, 1.54, and 2.0 mil
  • Printing: Custom printing options available
  • Unit of Measure: 5,000 linear feet (1.1 mil), 4,000 linear feet (1.5 mil), and 3,000 linear feet (2.0 mil) of material per box

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