Easy-Cut 2000

Easy-Cut 2000 Series

The Easy-Cut Safety Cutter 2000 is an enhanced version of the Easy-Cut 1000 series. The safety box cutter includes improved features such as an ergonomic handle, a longer blade for damaged boxes, a radius-blunt tip blade, a multiple blade-depth setting, a snap-on lanyard, and onboard blade storage. Its ergonomic handle requires a gentle squeeze for blade extension. This feature reduces the thumb’s repetitive movements, decreasing the instance of a thumb injury that commonly happens with other box cutter blades. When the user releases the handle, the blade automatically retracts within the safety unit for convenient storage. This eliminates the possibility of accidents or injuries when the cutter is not in use. The patented blunt radius tip, multiple blade depth settings for cutting different types of boxes, natural blade retract mechanism, innovative snap-on lanyard, and several other features make this cutter a robust and safe cutting tool. Additionally, this cutter’s blade is slightly longer, which helps in cutting even damaged and problematic to cut packaging boxes. The cutter has a tape splitter at the end, which allows quick tap cut actions that do not need a sharp blade.

  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Three-blade depths
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Blunt tip of the radius blade
  • Ideal for cutting sizeable heavy-duty cardboard boxes
  • Convenient and quick cutting
  • Minimises costs

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