Máy Đóng Túi Y Tế Tự Động Auto Bag Magnum HS (Auto Bag Magnum HS Med Automatic Bagger)

Máy Đóng Túi Y Tế Tự Động Auto Bag Magnum HS (Auto Bag Magnum HS Med Automatic Bagger)

The Auto Bag Magnum HS Med Automatic Bagger is a medical pouch sealing system that can be individually validated and designed for cleanroom use. Products packaged with the Auto Bag Magnum HS Med Automatic Bagger are applicable with an autoclave or steriliser. This machine also includes a control system that monitors parameters and sets the alarm if any parameter goes out of range. Additionally, external ports on this medical pouch sealer bagger help to assist users during the sealing parameter validation process. The Magnum HS Med can also form a chevron seal or straight seal on poly tubing and various materials and communicate with a remote device for central monitoring.

Unlike regular medical pouch sealers, this versatile and easy to use Magnum HS Med uses the latest technology, in which it can operate at speeds up to 40 bags per minute using Tyvek® Poly or medical-grade paper roll stock (subject to material spec and bag size), enabling a speedy and efficient bagging process. This bagging solution also provides fast-fill speeds of up to 70 bags per minute using polyethene tubing, and bag dimensions can be easily changed using constituted job storage features and a touchscreen display.

The Magnum HS Med also includes a printing function for the bag by adding a thermal transfer printer. To ensure optimal performance and maximum uptime, support and indicative screens are equipped into the operating system. Moreover, the controller interface simplifies counters, scales, robotics, and other feeding devices for enhanced automation and quicker filling. The Auto Bag Magnum HS Med automatic medical pouch sealer is convenient, caters to various packaging requirements, adapts well to constant production demands, and increases work value and efficiency. It is also practical and advantageous for companies that involve fast-moving production. The Auto Bag Magnum HS Med automatic medical pouch sealer bagger is made in the USA and includes a 1-year limited warranty.

Please send us an enquiry or get in touch with us to know more about the Auto Bag Magnum HS Med Medical Pouch Sealer Automatic Bagger or read our blog here to understand the three different factors to consider before selecting a packaging machine.

Operating Features

  • Uses tubing in a simple to operate, low maintenance design that provides lower material costs by forming pouches inline as they are filled and sealed
  • Constant heat 1/8″ wide straight seal bars or an option for a 3/8″ wide chevron and straight seal bar
  • Variable bag length enables the machine to package products of practically any length
  • Built-in interface port integrates counters, scales, and robotics for fully automatic packaging
  • The wide colour touchscreen is operator friendly and has clear readable prompts and alarms
  • Adjustable loading position from vertical to slanted meets various packaging requirements
  • 1-micron filter protects pouch interior and contents from airborne particulate matter
  • Onboard memory stores multiple job data to recall at a later date

Validation Features

  • Fully validatable automatic bagging system for packaging medical devices in Tyvek® pouches
  • Controls and ports provide validation and calibrations of key sealing parameters
  • Pressure and temperature sensors trigger an alarm and stop operation when out of preset band
  • Production data logs to document sealing parameters

Maintenance Features

  • Self-diagnostics ensure quick problem-solving
  • Designed to minimise preventative maintenance costs

Safety Features

  • Low-pressure closing with an obstruction detection system for improved operator safety
  • Designed to meet CE requirements
  • Speed (Bags on a Roll): Up to 100 bags/min
  • Speed (Poly Tubing): Up to 70 bags/min
  • Speed (Rollstock): Up to 40 bags/min
  • Bag Width: (min – max) 2″ – 12″ (51mm – 305mm)
  • Bag Length: (min – max) 3″ – 38″ (76mm – 965mm)
  • Bag Thickness: 1 – 5 mil
  • Control Panel: Color Touchscreen
  • Electrical Requirement: 115V, 20A, 50/60 Hz
  • Air Requirement: 80psi @ 10 CFM
  • Weight: 540 lbs
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 37″ x 54″ x 37″ – 45″ (940mm x 1372mm x 940mm – 1143mm)

Auto Bag Magnum HS Med Medical Pouch Sealer Bagger Product Brochure: Download

Printing Options

  • 2D UDI barcode printer to print text, graphics, and barcodes directly on tubing or bag
  • Thermal transfer printer for text, graphics, and barcodes

Product Loading Options

  • Bag open sensor
  • Standard, adjustable, accumulating or guaranteed open funnels for increasing packaging rates and automation
  • Increase the Seal Bar Pass-Through to 6.25” for bulky products
  • Add on an Articulating Load Shelf for superior seal quality with heavy products

Sealing Options

  • 1/4″ Wide Seal for increased seal integrity
  • 3/8” Chevron Seal Bar for easy open pouches
  • Seal Flattening system for a superior seal

Safety Options

  • When the PLC detects an error an Audible Warning System alarm sounds and the machine stops
  • Dual Palm Buttons must be pressed simultaneously in order for the machine to cycle
  • A Light Curtain prevents the operation of the bagger when the optical detection field is obstructed

Other Options

  • An Adjustable Hole Punch puts a small hole in the bag, allowing excess air to escape
  • End of Roll Detector to monitor bag position
  • Film Low Sensor detects a bag in position and open
  • Air Expeller to compress the bag and expel air before sealing
  • 230V 50/60 Hz operation
  • Design for meeting ISO 6 standards for cleanroom environments
  • Separate Air Entry for a separate air supply to blow open the bag
  • In-feed conveyors to help with kit packaging and/or product counting operations
  • Custom options for special packaging applications
  • Spare parts kits

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