Máy Bọc Màng Co Giãn (Shrink Wrap Machine)

Máy Bọc Màng Co Giãn (Shrink Wrap Machine)

The Shrink Wrap Machine combines the functions of a sealer with a shrinker. The machine’s compact size makes it ideal for use in small businesses and retail settings. It’s perfect for small-batch packagings, such as baked goods and boxes. The machine offers superior seal results and is more durable than other shrink wrap machines on the market. This Shrink Wrap Machine utilises a shrink hood instead of a tunnel. The clear hood is manually closed and secured by an electromagnet during the film sealing and heat-shrink wrapping cycle. Shrink Wrap Machines are low-maintenance, and they perform silently. The machine comes with standard capabilities and does not require any special tools or installation. The Shrink Wrap Machine is designed to work with a wide range of shrink films, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Operating Features

  • Compact design will fit in small business and retail environments
  • Adjustable height product support table for ideal ergonomics
  • Adjustable loading tray and seal area accommodate a wide variety of sizes
  • Manual production rate is dependent on operator performance and product size

Set-Up Features

  • Easy to adjust work surface for fast change from job to job ensures productivity
  • Easy to program and operate, an excellent beginner machine
  • Heavy duty casters on the console stand to use anywhere

Sealing Features

  • Magnetic hold-down feature during complete machine cycle avoiding premature completion
  • L-Sealer and heat tunnel combined into a single unit to reduce machine footprint
  • Film perforation wheel relieves pressure and ‘pillowing’ effect from heat shrinking process for professional results
Model  H20  H25
 Seal Area  10.5″ x 17″  15″ x 22″
 Max Package Height*  8″  10″
 Max Film Width  20″  24″
 Electrical  220V, 7 amps, 50/60 Hz, 1 Ph  220V, 17 amps, 50/60 Hz, 1 Ph
 Shrink Chamber Power  1650 watts  3700 watts
 Overall Length  44″  49″
 Overall Width  27″  32″
 Overall Height  40″  43″
 Shipping Weight  205 lbs  295 lbs
 Warranty  2 years  2 years

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