Nhà Cung Cấp Chất VCI Tẩy Rỉ Sét (VCI Rust Removing Liquids)

Nhà Cung Cấp Chất VCI Tẩy Rỉ Sét (VCI Rust Removing Liquids)

Stream Peak Vietnam’s VCI Rust Removing Liquid is available in two types of effective, fast-acting, non-acidic and non-toxic solution, made to remove rust from metal parts before packaging them for storage or shipment.

Evapo-Rust® De-Rusting Solution

The Evapo-Rust® De-Rusting Solution is a non-toxic and water-based liquid that removes surface rust within minutes of application, while eliminating the need for scrubbing, blasting, grinding, or using harsh caustics and chemicals. The Evapo-Rust®’s neutral pH formulation bonds and removes rust without affecting metal compositions, plating, or even non-oxide paint coatings.

  • Reusable – One-gallon de-rusts approx. 300 lbs. of steel, or about 20 lbs of dry rust
  • Non-acid, Non-caustic – Neutral pH means no special handling or gloves required
  • Non-toxic, Biodegradable – Safe for the environment
  • Disposable – Spent solution can be disposed of safely down the drain in most cases

Nox-Rust® Premium Rust Removing Gel

The Nox-Rust® Premium Rust Removing Gel is a water-based, fast-acting, brush-on rust remover, designed to provide users with a safe and effective rust removal solution from large and hard-to-move vertical metal structures and equipment including railings, partitions, columns, lockers, and tools without scrubbing or sanding. The thick, acid-free Nox-Rust Gel works on steel, iron, and most metal surfaces without harming paint or rubber. To apply the gel, brush on a liberal amount over the rusted metal surfaces. Within 15-20 minutes of application, the light rust will begin to break. When rust is loose, wipe away using a soft cloth or rinse with water.

  • Evapo-Rust® De-Rusting Solution
  • Nox-Rust® Premium Rust Removing Gel

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