The Stretch Film, also known as a pallet wrap, is a highly stretchable plastic that features unbeatable puncture resistance and high load retention characteristics. The pallet wrap also ensures that parcels and products are protected from dust, moisture, and water. Pallet Shrink Wrap also reduces the possibility of tampering during transit. Stretch Films come in different grade thicknesses, weights, and widths. Choosing the type from the diverse range of Stretch Films would depend on its required application.

Anti- Static Stretch Film

Stretch Films that come with anti-static properties reduce the amount of static generated when wrapping to protect ESD sensitive products such as electronics and flammable materials.

Machine Stretch Film

Machine Stretch Films are used together with a stretch wrap machine and commonly used in factories that require high volumes of packaging. Using Machine Stretch Films increases productivity and cost savings on material usage. The speed of the machine and the level of stretchability of the stretch wrap machine would be one of the main factors on the thickness required.

Hand Stretch Film

Hand Stretch Films are used with products that are required to be wrapped manually by hand and often with little weight goods, commonly used for household packing or companies that have small volumes of products.

Coloured Stretch Film

Coloured Stretch Films are designed to be resistant to puncture allows easy indication of products in the warehouse. The quick identification of product packaging reduces the rate of picking incorrect goods.

VCI Stretch Film

Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Stretch Films limits the oxidation of metals from preventing rust, increasing the products’ shelf-life. They are ideal for odd-shaped or large metal parts that require rust prevention.

  • Cost Compelling – Stretch films are far cheaper in comparison to its other alternative and has managed to keep many stocks damage-free during transit
  • Top-Quality Protection – The film ensures that products are protected against dust, dirt and moisture, minimising shipping damage. It also reduces the possibility of theft and pilferage
  • Efficient – It allows items to be easily scanned through optics. Easy-to-wrap as well, this helps to improve the efficiency and productivity of workers
  • Recyclable – The film can be recycled in most scenarios


Handroll Stretch Film (LLDPE) 2″ core
 Size: 500mm(W) x 277m (L) x 18mics(T)
 Approx Net Weight: 2.30kg, Approx Gross Weight: 2.7kg
 Packing: 6 rolls/ctn


 Handroll Stretch Film (LLDPE) 2″ core
 Size: 500mm(W) x 282m (L) x 20mics(T)
 Approx Net Weight: 2.60kg, Approx Gross Weight: 3.0kg
 Packing: 6 rolls/ctn


 Handroll Stretch Film (LLDPE) 2″ core
 Size: 500mm(W) x 198m(L) x 23mics(T)
 Approx Net Weight: 2.10kg, Approx Gross Weight: 2.5kg
 Packing: 6 rolls/ctn


 Machineroll Stretch Film (LLDPE) 3″ core
 Size: 500mm(W) x 1402m(L) x 20mics(T)
 Approx Net Weight: 12.90kg, Approx Gross Weight: 14.10kg
 Packing: 1 roll/ctn


 Machineroll Stretch Film (LLDPE) 3″ core
 Size: 500mm(W) x 2020m(L) x 17mics(T)
 Approx Net Weight: 15.80kg, Approx Gross Weight: 17.00kg
 Packing: 1 roll/ctn


 Machineroll Stretch Film (LLDPE) 3″ core
 Size: 500mm(W) x 1304m(L) x 23mics(T)
 Approx Net Weight: 13.80kg, Approx Gross Weight: 15.00kg
 Packing: 1 roll/ctn


 Machineroll Stretch Film (LLDPE) 3″ core
 Size: 500mm(W) x 1000m(L) x 30mics(T)
 Approx Net Weight: 13.80kg, Approx Gross Weight: 15.00kg
 Packing: 1 roll/ctn

Key Features

  • Applies a uniform and relatively high holding force
  • Provides proper protection from dust and damage
  • Transparent enough that they allow customers and shippers to identify the product while also keeping it clean
  • Very economical

Selection Guide

  • Anti- Static Stretch Film
  • Machine Stretch Film
  • Hand Stretch Film
  • Coloured Stretch Film
  • VCI Stretch Film