The Condensation Terminator (CT) sheet protects cargo and products from the adverse effects of moisture by countering dew condensation and its resultant moisture damage within shipping containers.

Moisture Damage Protection

Moisture-related damage in shipping containers occurs when the internal temperature falls below the dew point. The condensation drips onto the cargo and causes packaging degradation, corrosion, mould and mildew growth.

The CT sheet can capture and contain the dew-condensation droplets from the container’s walls and ceiling. It is permeable to water vapour while acting as a barrier to liquid droplets and preventing them from coming into contact with the cargo. Its structure enables it to absorb considerable amounts of water while retaining its position.

Cargo and Product Safety Solution

The CT sheet is easy to use – secure or remove the sheet using specialised hooks. It only takes a brief 5 minutes, and no additional container cleaning is required. Post-use – the sheets can be conveniently disposed of by separating them into burnable and non-combustible materials.

Our CT sheets offer protection for a wide range of products, including steel wire, wire ropes, precision machinery, machine parts, raw materials for cosmetics and chemicals, high-water-content food items, and moisture-emitting products. This versatility makes them a practical solution for protecting and ensuring the integrity of diverse cargo and products during transit.

  • Prevents moisture related damage
  • Able to absorb large amounts of water while maintaining its structure – no obvious sagging
  • Easy to install and remove with no additional container cleaning required
  • Easy disposal and separation into burnable and non-combustible
  • Versatile and compatible with a wide range of products
  1. CT Sheet comes with unique hooks. Hang these hooks to the lashing rings and tie the ropes to the lashing bars at each corner.
  2. Attach the innermost sides and door sides of the CT Sheet to the ceiling with adhesive tapes
  3. Keep around 20cm between the top of the cargo and the CT Sheet.
  4. Prevent the cargo from touching the sheet
  5. Wipe dirt/oil off both the top of the cargo and the CT Sheet
  6. Keep the tape areas of the container dry to ensure the CT Sheet remains in place.
  7. CT Sheet cannot be attached without lashing rings at roof corners.
  8. The performance of the CT Sheet may vary according to the physical properties of cargo and climatic conditions en route.
  9. CT Sheet should be stored in cartons and kept away from hot/humid conditions such as a fire.

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