Immersion Breathers, also known as “free breathers,” are designed to equalise air pressure and prevent liquid water intrusion into containers or tanks.

Equalizes Air Pressure

These breathers are suitable for enclosed equipment used underwater or in environments with changing altitudes and temperatures. The primary purpose of immersion breathers is to protect against damage or deformations resulting from environmental fluctuations.

The installation of immersion breathers is a straightforward process, typically involving a nut lock or screwing them into the container’s threaded boss. For situations where controlled moisture levels are essential, a humidity absorber filled with desiccants can be added to the breather’s application.

Preventing Liquid Water Intrusion

This additional measure safeguards container contents and equipment from humidity, moisture, and condensation, preventing liquid water intrusion during logistics or import processes. We offer a diverse range of immersion breathers, ensuring durability and reliable protection. Comprehensive information and guidance can be provided to assist in selecting the most suitable immersion breather for specific needs.

  • Consistent air pressure is maintained within containers or tanks
  • Effectively prevents liquid water from entering the container during logistics or importation
  • Safeguards against damage from changing altitudes, temperature and fluctuating environmental conditions
  • Simple installation using nut locks or threaded bosses
  • Humidity absorber with desiccant could be incorporated for controlled moisture levels
  • Made from robust materials for long-lasting performance
  • Sourced from reliable industry manufacturers for quality assurance
  • Ensures a good return on investment from preservation of container contents and integrity
  • Comprehensive product information and support available for selecting the right solution

Vent Breather

Vent Breathers equalise pressure and eliminate gases from equipment. Typically employed on valves or single-acting cylinders, these breathers can be installed with minimal protrusion. The primary function of vent breathers is to act as a barrier, filtering contaminants and safeguarding the equipment from the adverse effects of harsh environmental conditions.

Splash Proof Breather

Splashproof breathers protect electronic enclosures and cases, shielding them from moisture, humidity, and other contaminants. These breathers are developed from diverse materials, ensuring durability and the ability to withstand even the most aggressive applications.

Splashproof breathers can be filled with a desiccant-filled humidity absorber to enhance their moisture control capabilities further. This additional feature allows for effective control of inlet moisture, contributing to the overall protection of electronic equipment in various environments.

Mini Immersion Breather

Mini immersion breathers are designed for smaller equipment with minimal space, such as handheld radios, battery packs, remote control devices and membrane keyboards. These breathers play a crucial role in safeguarding smaller equipment against environmental changes by facilitating air passage to create a controlled environment within the device.

The immersion breathers are fitted with desiccant-filled humidity absorbers to enhance their protective capabilities. This feature effectively shields the equipment from potential damage caused by humidity and condensation, ensuring smaller electronic devices’ reliable and long-term performance in various conditions.

Immersion Proof Breather

Immersion-proof breathers protect against environmental damage or disruptions, establishing a controlled environment within equipment or containers. These breathers are designed to prevent contaminant intrusion and maintain the enclosed space’s integrity.

To enhance their protective capabilities, immersion-proof breathers are often equipped with desiccant-filled humidity absorbers. This feature acts as an additional layer of defence, safeguarding the equipment against potential damage caused by humidity and condensation.

The desiccant-filled absorbers effectively remove moisture from the air entering the equipment or container, ensuring that the internal environment remains dry and suitable for the optimal operation of sensitive components.

Immersible Breather Desiccator

Immersible breather desiccators play a crucial role in protecting equipment from underwater overpressure or vacuum buildup, mitigating the impact of water exposure. An important feature of immersible breather desiccators is an additional cartridge of desiccants.

This cartridge absorbs any residual moisture within the equipment, keeping it dry even underwater. The desiccators effectively safeguard against the negative effects of temperature and humidity changes, contributing to the overall protection and reliability of the equipment in challenging environments.

Drain Plug

Drain plugs are constructed from high-quality polycarbonate material, offering a combination of durability, stability, and resistance to weak acids, ethers, and alcohols.

These plugs are an efficient barrier against the entry of insects, contaminants, and other foreign substances, contributing to the protection and integrity of the equipment or container. Key features of drain plugs include their ease of fixing and use, making them convenient and practical for various applications. They can operate effectively within a temperature range of 40ºC to 70ºC.