Thermal liners protect cargo within shipping containers from the adverse effects of humidity and temperature fluctuations during transport. Their adaptable design makes them ideal for securing various products, such as food, chemicals, clothing, vehicles, and machinery, against environmental fluctuations.

Combat Humidity and Temperature Changes

These liners are designed to maintain a stable internal temperature, capable of creating a difference of 10-20ºC between the inside and outside of the container. This temperature control is vital in preventing condensation and safeguarding the cargo from potential water damage, mould growth, and corrosion.

The liner’s design also emphasises ease of installation, allowing for a quick three-minute setup without extra tools. This user-friendly feature ensures compatibility with all standard shipping containers, making it an ideal solution for various shipping needs, streamlining the process and enhancing efficiency in logistics operations.

Maintain Stability Inside Shipping Containers

Serving as an Isothermal cargo cover, the liner extends its protective benefits beyond the cargo to the container. It effectively minimises the build-up of dirt and odours, significantly reducing the need for and cost of cleaning the container’s interior.

When compared to refrigerated containers, thermal liners offer several advantages. They are reusable, promote sustainability, and are more energy-efficient, leading to reduced pollution during transit. The liners are environmentally responsible and cost-effective solutions for maintaining product quality during shipping.

  • Cargo cover protects both the container and goods
  • Maintains consistent temperature
  • Ensures a hygienic environment for product preservation
  • Reduces environmental impact with reusability, energy-efficiency and lesser pollution
  • Reduces dirt and odours and minimise cleaning costs
  • Easy assembly with no additional tools required
  • Used for a wide variety of products

There are 4 types of solutions available:

  • EMBATUFF 130 (Reusable) – Isolation Rank: Maximum
  • EMBATUFF 55 (Reusable) – Isolation Rank: High
  • EMBAPANEL (Reusable) without floor- Isolation Ranks: Extreme
  • EMBATHERM (Not Reusable) without floor – Isolation Rank: Medium

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