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Load Buckles secure and fasten loads for transportation and shipping. The buckles are widely used across various industries, including construction, logistics, and manufacturing, to ensure the safe and secure transit of goods.

For composite applications, the buckles are compatible with composite strapping. This strapping, known for its durability, comprises polyester fibres and plastic polymers to offer high tensile strength and resistance to abrasion. For lashing applications, the buckles are used with lashing straps or lashings typically made of polyester to secure cargo on various modes of transport, such as trucks, trailers, or shipping containers.

Our Load Buckles feature a metal frame with a mechanism that facilitates the insertion and tightening of woven lashing belts. They are integrated with teeth or grippers that firmly grip the strapping to prevent slippage or loosening under pressure. Designed for resilience, these Load Buckles are capable of handling heavy loads and challenging transportation conditions. Load buckles form an integral part of a strapping or lashing system. They function with other key components, such as strapping or lashing materials, tensioning tools, and anchoring points. Collectively, these components contribute to the safe and secure transportation of goods across extended distances and environments.