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Shipping tilt indicators manage the inclination of products during transportation, offering a practical solution to control and monitor their orientation. These indicators provide information about deviations from a horizontal position and the specific inclination angles that occur during transit.

Available in various forms, including adhesive stickers, labels, tapes and data loggers. They are strategically placed on packaging to identify products sensitive to tilting, underscoring the need for careful handling throughout the shipping process. Once affixed, these indicators become tamper-proof and remain active, ensuring reliability and accuracy. By alerting handlers to the need for cautious movement, they minimise the risk of damage.

Our range of tilt indicators is tailored to provide efficient monitoring and protection against tilting for various packaged goods. These indicators track a product’s inclination during transit, providing users with essential data. This information enables proactive steps to be taken, ensuring the safety and integrity of products throughout their journey. Our selection caters to diverse needs, providing that tilt-sensitive products can be transported with care.