Polyester Woven Lashing Belts are strapping materials utilised to secure cargo within containers during transit. These belts are fabricated from Polyester fibres and woven to form a durable and resilient webbing.

Engineered For High Tension

The belts are built to withstand substantial tension to achieve dependable load securement. This feature ensures the cargo remains stable and secure throughout transit and mitigates the risk of damage or accidents.

To secure the cargo, the belts are threaded through the container’s lashing points or tie-down rings. They are subsequently tightened using a tensioning device, such as a Ratchet Buckle and a Tensioner Tool. This tensioning mechanism facilitates easy tightening and adjustment of the Polyester Woven Lashing Belt and ensures the cargo is firmly held in place.

Ensuring Cargo Safety and Integrity

Polyester Woven Lashing Belts for container securement offer several advantages, including a notable strength-to-weight ratio, resistance to environmental factors such as moisture and UV radiation, and the flexibility to conform to the cargo’s shape.

The belts are reusable and offer ease of installation and removal, presenting a practical solution for securing various types of products. Our Polyester Woven Lashing Belts may be used with other container securing methods, such as Polyester Composite Strapping, Dunnage Bags, or Twist Locks, for enhanced stability and integrity of the cargo throughout transit.

  • Certified by Germanischer Lloyd
  • DB approved available widths of 32mm to 50mm.
  • Linear breaking strength available from 2000 to 7500 daN
  • High tensile strength
  • Easy handling with dispenser bag
  • Excellent resilience and low elongation
  • Compatible with other cargo securing systems – Dunnage Bags
  • Cost-effective alternative to ratchet straps and bulky binding wires
  • One-way strapping for securing (lashing) on flats, rails, and containers
  • No risk of injury for shippers and consignees when using or opening strapping
  • Different colours and printing service available

Woven Strapping

  • 13mm, 195/450 daN
  • 13mm, 375/600 daN
  • 16mm, 350/550 daN
  • 16mm, 450/720 daN
  • 16mm, 600 daN
  • 19mm, 1270 daN
  • 19mm, 1100 daN
  • 19mm, 580/900 daN
  • 19mm, 430/650 daN
  • 19mm, 750/1100 daN
  • 25mm, 1000/1600 daN
  • 25mm, 1200/1900 daN

Woven Strapping Bailing Press

  • 9mm, 275 daN
  • 13mm, 375 daN
  • 13mm, 500 daN
  • 16mm, 450 daN
  • 19mm, 1100 daN
  • 19mm, 580 daN
  • 19mm, 750 daN
  • 19mm, 1100 daN

Woven Lashing

  • 32mm, 1350/2160 daN
  • 32mm, 1500/2400 daN
  • 35mm, 1600/2500 daN
  • 32mm, 2000/3200 daN
  • 32mm, 2300/3700 daN
  • 38mm, 3500/5600 daN
  • 40mm, 5000/8500 daN
  • 50mm, 2000/3200 daN
  • 50mm, 5000/8000 daN
  • 50mm, 6000/9600 daN
  • 50mm, 7500/12000 daN

Lashing Belt Product Brochure: Download