Ice Gel Packs maintain coolness during transport due to their unique refrigerant gel formulation. This makes them reusable, leak-proof, non-toxic, and safe for direct contact with food.

Leak-Proof and Reusable

We supply Ice Gel Packs manufactured in our factory using high-quality materials sourced from Japan. We adhere strictly to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, reflecting our commitment to top quality control. Regular lab tests ensure we consistently meet the highest quality benchmarks.

These packs are particularly beneficial across various sectors, including food, healthcare, chemical, pharmaceutical, and logistics. They are highly effective in keeping food items like seafood, chocolate, ice cream, and frozen meats or sausages fresh. Fully FDA compliant, they maintain temperatures below -5ºC. We also provide customisable options in size, printing, and bulk orders.

FDA-Approved and Non-Toxic

To use the Ice Gel Packs effectively, begin by freezing the pack. Ensure it is either flat or moulded to suit the specific packaging needs. This step is crucial for it to perform effectively in the intended space.

Once frozen, it’s essential to check the pack’s temperature to verify that it meets the required cooling specifications. If the pack is excessively cold, allow it to thaw slightly until it reaches a more optimal temperature. This adjustment ensures that the pack delivers the right amount of cooling without over-chilling the contents.

Cold Chain Packaging Solution

For comprehensive cold chain management during transportation, using these Ice Gel Packs in conjunction with thermal insulating boxes and temperature monitoring tools is advisable.

Data loggers or temperature indicators can provide real-time temperature data. This combination not only ensures efficient temperature control but also helps maintain the integrity of the products throughout their transit, ensuring the quality of temperature-sensitive goods

  • Reusable and leak-proof design
  • Non-toxic and food-safe materials
  • Manufactured in Singapore with Japan-grade materials to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards
  • FDA-compliant for safe transport of perishables
  • Sustains temperatures below -5ºC
  • Ideal for seafood, chocolates, and frozen meats
  • Simple freeze-and-use application
  • Bag’s Material Composition: NY15/ DRY/ LLDPE60
  • Shelf Life: Not applicable. Ice gel pack remains functional as long as the outer wrapper is not punctured.
  • Reusability: Ice gel pack can be used multiple times as long as the outer wrapper remains intact.
  • Storage Condition: Store in normal warehouse condition. Away from direct sunlight. (Temp: < 40 °C, RH: < 90%)
  • Usage:
    • Freeze for at least 8 hours from -10 °C to 35 °C until the product is frozen.
    • The lower the temperature it is frozen at, the longer it stays frozen.
    • The more ice bags are used in the application, the longer it will stay frozen.
  • Printing on Bag (English/ Chinese/ Japanese)
    • Ice Peak. Do Not Eat.
    • Leakproof
    • Keep away from sunlight
    • Reusable
    • Non-Toxic
Part number Weight Bag Size Packaging Sealing
TIP02 20 gm 90 mm (L) x 75 mm (W) 300 per carton 3-side
TIP04 40 gm 115 mm (L) x 75 mm (W) 200 per carton Center
TIP22C 200 gm 163 mm (L) x 175 mm (W) 25 per carton Center
TIP24 240 gm 163 mm (L) x 175 mm (W) 25 per carton Center
TIP34C 340 gm 163 mm (L) x 175 mm (W) 20 per carton Center
TIP50C 500 gm 163 mm (L) x 175 mm (W) 20 per carton Center
TIP80C 800 gm 270 mm (L) x 175 mm (W) 12 per carton Center
TIPA1C 1000 gm 270 mm (L) x 175 mm (W) 10 per carton Center

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