Desiccators, also referred to as dehumidifiers and dehydrators, serve the purpose of safeguarding against moisture, humidity, and environmental corrosion. These sealed units are typically filled with Desiccants like Molecular Sieves or Silica Gel to eliminate moisture and other particles from the surrounding environment effectively.

The Desiccators are often equipped with a humidity indicator to track saturation, signalling when it’s time to replace the Desiccant or its cartridge. Additionally, valves can be installed for controlled gas release as required. The Desiccators are also available in both standard and tailor-made models, catering to various applications.

  • Moisture and corrosion protection
  • Molecular Sieves or Silica Gel desiccants
  • Customisable units for military applications
  • Humidity indicator for monitoring
  • Gas-controlled release valves

Tubular Desiccator

This desiccator is a tube-shaped device designed for electronics, optical, and electro-optical equipment. They absorb moisture using Molecular Sieves or Silica Gel and feature indicators for desiccant replacement or refilling, making them ideal for sensitive devices in low-temperature settings.

Ultra Clean Desiccator

Filled with Molecular Sieves or Silica Gel, the Ultra Clean Desiccator safeguards sensitive equipment from corrosion, moisture, and contamination. The desiccator is particularly effective in low-temperature environments.

Small Panel Mounting Desiccator

This desiccator combat moisture, humidity, and contamination. Equipped with humidity indicators, they use Molecular Sieves or Silica Gel as Desiccants. They are suitable for equipment operating in low-temperature environments and reduced moisture levels.

Plastic Panel Mounting Desiccator

Designed for electrical and telecommunication equipment, this desiccator protects against moisture, corrosion and contamination. They feature a humidity indicator that changes colour based on moisture levels and utilise Molecular Sieves or Silica Gel as adsorbing agents to reduce moisture levels to acceptable levels.

Pipeline Desiccator

The Pipeline Desiccator removes moisture and water from compressed gas lines, ensuring a low dew point temperature and minimal water vapour. Suitable for sensitive applications, they use Molecular Sieves or Silica Gel for moisture absorption.

Metal Panel Mounting Desiccator

This desiccator is equipped with humidity indicators to monitor moisture levels. They protect electronic equipment from moisture, corrosion and contamination. Molecular Sieves and Silica Gel are used as moisture adsorbing agents, making them ideal for equipment operating at low-temperatures.

Hydrocarbon Adsorption Unit

This desiccator safeguards equipment from moisture, corrosion, and contamination. It may include a humidity indicator for alerts on cartridge replacement or desiccant change and uses Molecular Sieves or Silica Gel for moisture absorption, making them suitable for equipment operating at low temperatures.

High Voltage Motor Protection Unit

Designed for highly sensitive equipment, this unit has a humidity indicator for monitoring moisture levels and replacement of Dessicants. It uses Molecular Sieves or Silica Gel to absorb moisture or humidity and is particularly effective for highly sensitive equipment.

Free Standing Desiccator

This desiccator, often made from perforated and anodized aluminum, could incorporate an additional humidity indicator or desiccant, such as Molecular Sieves or Silica Gel, to monitor moisture saturation levels. The Free-standing desiccator can be customised to meet specific requirements.

Breather Desiccator

This desiccator protects against pressure differentials and moisture.  A two-way valve or valve/humidity indicator breather could be incorporated together with Molecular Sieves or Silica Gel as an absorbing agent. The colour change feature indicates moisture absorption, making it suitable for monitoring sensitive equipment in cooler environments.