Reefer locks, an L-shaped device crafted from steel, are securely attached to ventilation slots located on the container’s floor. This floor lock fastens cargo within reefer containers that lack conventional lashing points.

Durable Steel Framework

Constructed from high-quality steel, the Reefer Lock is exceptionally strong and durable. It is resilient to endure the rigours of extended journeys and varying environmental conditions.

The process of installing the Reefer Lock is simple and eliminates the need for specialised equipment. To install, the lock must be precisely aligned with the ventilation slots, its gripping mechanism activated, and it tightened firmly in place. The ease of installation renders it a practical tool for operators handling cargo within a reefer container.

Enhanced Cargo Security

Our Reefer Lock’s strategic use of the container’s ventilation slots allows for optimal space utilisation within the container and reduces the likelihood of cargo movement.

Its locking mechanism negates the necessity for additional lashing points and facilitates a more streamlined and efficient loading and unloading process. The intuitive design of the Reefer Lock further contributes to operational efficiency, saving time and increasing productivity for logistics professionals across various industries.

  • L-shaped steel lock for securing cargo in reefer containers
  • Easy and secure installation onto ventilation slots on the container’s floor, with no specialised tools required
  • Eliminates the need for lashing points
  • Prevents cargo movement during transportation
  • Robust steel construction ensures strength and durability
  • Withstands the rigors of extended journeys and varying environmental conditions
  • Maximises available space within the container