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Strapping Tensioners secure loads with Composite Straps or Woven Lashing. They can apply adequate tension to the strapping material, ensuring a secure fit around the cargo. These devices are incorporated with either a ratcheting mechanism or a lever to facilitate the process of tightly pulling and securely holding the strapping in place.

Our Strapping Tensioners ensure that the strapping is correctly tensioned to prevent any undesirable movement or loosening of the cargo during transit. The correct tension application of these tensioners preserves the load’s integrity and stability and effectively prevents damage, accidents, and injuries.

We offer a diverse selection of Strapping Tensioners to accommodate various types and sizes of strapping. Each type of Strapping Tensioner offers unique features and ease of use to cater to distinct operational needs and user preferences. Our range of Strapping Tensioners encompasses a variety of types to meet different operational needs. This includes Manual Tensioners, Pneumatic Tensioners and Battery-Powered Tensioners. Each type of Strapping Tensioner is designed to cater to specific user preferences and operational requirements.