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Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) Emitters release vapour within an enclosed environment to shield metal surfaces from corrosion. The VCI Emitters establish a protective coating on metal surfaces, preventing corrosion from initialising due to moisture, oxygen, and other favourable environmental elements. The vapour or gas emitted by the VCI Emitters diffuses through the enclosed area and envelopes metal surfaces with a molecular layer as a corrosion inhibitor.

We offer a range of VCI Emitters, such as capsules, chips, disks, and sachets. The application and overall performance of VCI Emitters are influenced by several key factors, including the dimensions of the enclosed space, the nature of the metal requiring protection, prevailing humidity levels, and the required duration of protection. Our VCI Emitters are also used in industrial, manufacturing, and storage facilities, where metal components or products require corrosion protection during storage and transit.