Stretch wrapping machines, commonly referred to as automated pallet wrappers, are designed for industrial applications. They ensure pallet loads are wrapped uniformly and securely for the safety and integrity of goods during transportation. This enhances the efficiency of packaging processes and significantly reduces the risk of product damage.

Customisable Wrapping Function

The wrapping machine allows users to tailor the wrapping process to specific requirements. With a control system, it enables the adjustment of wrapping rounds through a straightforward knob mechanism, facilitating the selection of desired stretch film layers for efficient and automatic application.

Incorporated with an automatic height sensor, the machine ensures a consistent and professional finish. This sensor accurately gauges the height of each pallet, permitting precise adjustments and ensuring wrapping quality that adheres to industry standards.

Ensuring Quality with Advanced Features

Another feature of this machine is the soft start cycle function, which secures pallets carrying lighter or more delicate loads. This feature gently initiates the wrapping process, effectively preventing any displacement or toppling of goods. This enhances overall safety and operational efficiency for packaging and delivery processes.

We offer a comprehensive range of packaging machines with distinct specifications and functionalities to accommodate different packaging processes. For detailed information on each model and to find a machine that aligns with packaging requirements, please click on the ‘Selection’ tab.

  • Consistent and uniform wrapping of pallets
  • Automatic height sensor
  • Soft start cycle for lighter loads
  • Reduce stretch film wastage and associated costs
  • Power Voltage: 3P AC380V, 50/60Hz 1.0kW
  • Speed of Turnplate: 0 – 12r/min
  • Diameter of Turntable: ¢ 1500mm
  • Mast Height: H2400mm
  • Film: LLDPE film, width ≤ 500mm, out diameter ≤ 280mm
  • Pallet Size: Capacity – 1500kg, max height = mast height – 400mm
  • Package Size: 2650 x 1650 x 800mm
  • G.W/N.W.: 650kg/700kg
  • Optional: 1) Ramps, 2) Panel

Mechanical Stretch and Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper: Features include a soft start and stop function, including an automatic home position for the turntable. It is easy to operate with an optoelectronic switch for automatic height measurement of the products. The machine is equipped with anti-tension capabilities and an adjustable speed for the lifting motor.

Pre-Stretch Film Wrapper with Weight: This wrapper is equipped with soft start/stop functionality, automatic home positioning, and PLC control for reliable performance. It is designed for ease of use, with an optoelectronic switch that adjusts automatically to the pallet’s height and includes a weighing function for added precision.

Mobile Pallet Wrapper: Includes a battery charger and indicator with adjustments available for the top and bottom layer. A sensor detects the pallet height and triggers a soft start and an emergency stop function, when necessary. The speed is adjustable and it is suitable for various pallet wrapping needs.

Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine: Offers a soft start and stop function enhanced with PLC control for reliable performance and easy operation. It is suitable for diverse packaging requirements.

Forklift Pallet Wrapping Machine: Features a battery charger and indicator with the capability to operate for 8 hours on a single charge. This machine is ideal for environments requiring mobility and extended use.

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