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Bubble Wrap serves as void fillers that occupy space within boxes or packages. These void fillers are recognised for being lightweight, economical, and easy to use. Bubble Wrap cushioning is easy to use, and it should be placed within the empty areas of a package prior to sealing. The material moulds to the void shape, forming a secure and protective encasement around the product. The air bubbles act as a plastic cushion and protect the product against damage caused by vibrations, drops, or compression during transit.

Available in both pre-inflated and uninflated forms, our Bubble Wraps cater to diverse packaging needs. The packaging features small bubbles evenly spaced that function as shock absorbers. The uninflated option can be inflated as required. Our Bubble Wraps are suitable for a variety of sectors, including E-Commerce, Electronics, Retail, and the shipment of delicate products. We also offer Bubble Wrap Machines that produce rolls suitable for void filling and offer light and hybrid cushioning patterns for enhanced protection during transit.