Oxygen absorbers or oxygen scavengers preserve quality and prolong the shelf life of food by removing oxygen from the packaging. These small packets are designed to maintain food freshness over long periods actively.

Maintaining Freshness and Shelf Life

Oxygen absorber sachets significantly reduce oxygen in the packaging and ease concerns about the presence of oxygen, which can damage perishable and sensitive items. The oxygen can promote the growth of aerobic microorganisms and trigger oxidation that degrades product quality and accelerates the spoilage of perishable items.

Using a natural chemical reaction, it absorbs oxygen from the surrounding air and prevents the growth of bacteria, mould, and other microorganisms. Additionally, removing oxygen averts discolouration, flavour loss, and further quality deterioration often associated with food exposure to air.

Another benefit of oxygen absorbers is their role in preserving the nutritional value of food. Oxygen can degrade certain nutrients, including vital vitamins and minerals. By removing oxygen, these absorbers help maintain the packaged food’s nutritional content.

Preserving Nutritional Value in Packaged Foods

We supply oxygen absorber sachets that can used in packaging various products, such as snacks, dried fruits, jerky, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and sensitive electronic components.

Our O Sorb oxygen sachets are manufactured using Japanese technology and food-grade materials to ensure no food contamination. They can be safely disposed of with regular household waste. The sachets are available in different materials and sizes, with customisation options and printing options to cater to specific requirements.

  • Oxygen Absorption: Effectively removes oxygen from food packaging.
  • Preserving Food Quality: Ensures the retention of freshness, flavour, colour, and prevents spoilage of food products.
  • Lengthening Shelf Life: Enhances the longevity of food items, keeping them fresh for extended periods.
  • Microorganism Growth Inhibition: Acts as a barrier against the growth of bacteria, mould, and other spoilage-causing organisms.
  • Protection Against Discoloration and Flavour Loss: Shields food from colour degradation and taste alterations resulting from oxygen exposure.
  • Reduction of Food Waste: By preventing spoilage, it contributes to decreased food wastage and associated cost savings.
  • Nutrient Preservation: Helps maintain the nutritional integrity of food by preventing the degradation of essential nutrients due to oxygen.
  • Broad Application Spectrum: Ideal for a wide range of food items such as dried fruits, nuts, grains, spices, and more.
  • Safety and Non-Toxicity: Produced using food-safe materials to eliminate risks of food contamination.
  • Convenient Disposal: Oxygen Absorbers can be disposed of easily with regular household waste.
  • Heat-Sealing Strength: ≧0.4kgf/15mm
  • Packaging film: 3 layers / 4 layers
  • Nominal Deoxidize Time: Normal temperature and humidity, ≤48hrs
  • Total Oxygen Absorbed Capacity: Normal temperature and humidity≥60ml
  • Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacture
  • Pattern of Sachet: Auto heat-sealed by automatic packaging machines
Oxygen absorbtion
Packing per carton
31 X 25
UK20 20 40 X 30 10000
UK30 30 30 X 40 10000
UK50 50 40 X 40 6000
UK100 100 45 X 40 400
UK200 200 50 X 50 2700
UK300 300 60 X 50 1600
UK500 500 80 X 50 1200
U10 10 31 X 25 15000
U20 20 40 X 30 10000
U30 30 30 X 40 10000
U50 50 40 X 40 6000
U100 100 45 X 40 4000
U200 200 50 X 50 2700
U300 300 60 X 50 1800
U400 400 70 X 50 1600
U500 500 80 X 50 1200
U1000 1000 90 X 90 600
U2000 2000 110 X 90 280
U3000 3000 120 X 90 225
UF30 30 40 X 30 10000
UF50 50 40 X 40 6000
UF100 100 45 X 40 4000

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