Strapping Tool Cart or Strapping Dispensers or Strapping Carts or Trolleys streamline the handling and dispensing of strapping materials. It is known for securing various items together with a strapping band.

Facilitating Precise and Secure Fastening

The tool cart can accommodate a range of strapping types, including PET, PP, or composite strapping. It is available in various sizes and designs for strapping widths and lengths. The Strapping Tool Cart provides a convenient way of storing and transporting strapping materials.

It is outfitted with wheels or casters to enhance mobility within warehouse or shipping environments. Some models feature supplementary accessories such as brake mechanisms for tension control or storage compartments for strapping seals and tools.

Efficient Strapping for Pallets and Packages

Our Strapping Band Dispenser is simple to use – unroll the required strapping length, cut it to size, and securely fasten it around packages, pallets, or other items. The Strapping Tool Cart has a double ball-bearing centre, which turns the strapping belt coils more effectively and minimises the occurrence of tangles or knots in the strapping material.

  • Adjustable handlebar for easy handling
  • Heavy-duty roll dispenser for durability
  • Compatible with various strapping belt coils
  • Two interchangeable sets of dispenser discs for different paper core sizes (78mm and 200mm)
  • Double ball bearing centre for smooth and easy coil rotation
  • Integrated belt break to prevent uncontrollable unreeling of the belt
  • Ball bearing wheels for easy mobility
  • Sturdy stand for stability during operation
  • Full steel tool compartment for convenient storage

Models Available:

  • Dispenser Cart I
  • Dispenser Cart II
  • Economic Strapping Dispenser
  • Dispenser Stand

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