Container Awning Safety Sheet or Cargo Safety Sheet provides enhanced security for cargo and individuals involved in opening container doors.

Reliable Cargo Protection

The primary function of the Container Awning Safety Sheet is to prevent accidents or injuries that might occur due to falling goods. It acts as a protective barrier and maintains the cargo in the container when the door opens.

Constructed from robust and sturdy materials, our Container Awning Safety Sheet can withstand challenging transportation conditions, including adverse weather conditions and impacts during the loading and unloading stages. Our Container Awning Safety Sheet is suitable for various sizes of goods, including loose and small items, and is utilised in industries such as Logistics, Power and Refinery, Engineering and Machinery.

  • Light goods and loose cartons: The Container Awning Safety Sheet designed for lighter goods and loose cartons, distinguishes itself from conventional container safety nets by eliminating holes and gaps. This feature provides comprehensive protection and ensures the secure transportation of smaller and loose items.
  • Streamlined Installation and Usage: Features a simple and efficient setup which consist of four strapping belts, each 25mm in width and 3.5 meters in length. It has a hook attached to one end. It also includes a 2.3m x 2.3m PP Woven Sheet, secured with four clamp locks at each corner. This design facilitates ease of installation and use, without the need for additional attachments.
  • Exceptional Durability and Securement: The belts are crafted from G85 strapping material, offering a linear strength of 1000 daN. This strength is essential for securely the first rows of cartons within the container. The Container Awning Safety Sheet is further reinforced with a final cross-lashing to enhance its robustness.
  • Versatile Application Across Industries: Suitable for a wide range of industries, including Logistics, Power and Refinery and Engineering and Machinery. Its adaptability allows it to meet varying requirements across different sectors.

Tài Liệu Giới Thiệu Sản Phẩm Tấm Che An Toàn Container: Download

  1. Hook the four vertical straps into the existing container attachment points.
  2. Position the straps to the container door.
  3. Fully load the container.
  4. Fix and pre-tension the cover by inserting the four straps into the sewed-on clamp locks.
  5. Connect the straps diagonally, each with a closure, and clamp using a clamping device
  6. Goods are secured against tilting, slipping, and failing.