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Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) are chemical compounds that protect metal surfaces from corrosion. Depending on their volatility, These compounds can vaporise or sublimate and permeate the air within an enclosed space. In confined spaces, such as packaging or storage containers, VCI emits vapours that form a protective coating over metal surfaces.

The protective coating created by VCI attaches to the metal surface and impedes the processes that lead to corrosion. The film acts as a barrier, obstructing moisture, oxygen, and other corrosive elements from contacting the metal and preventing oxidation. Based on research, the VCI can create an effective barrier on the surface of most metals, including Aluminum, Iron and Steel.

We offer a range of VCIs for diverse metal packaging applications. Our range of VCIs offers short-term protection spanning a few weeks to those capable of providing protection for several years. Our VCIs are employed across various industries, including manufacturing, transportation, and storage, as well as preserving metal parts, components, and equipment during periods of storage and transit.