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Air Packs for Shipping offer a reliable and effective solution for protecting items during transit. It is designed to keep the packaged product safe from the hard edges of the exterior packaging. One of the key features of inflatable Air Packs is their lightweight nature, which reduces shipping costs compared to heavier packaging alternatives. The Air Packs are also space-efficient when deflated – offering a convenient storage solution and reducing the necessity for extensive warehouse space.

Our Air Packs can be conveniently inflated using an Air Pillow Machine or pump to create small and air-filled cushions to be placed around products in transit. They serve as protective buffers to prevent movement and stabilise the product during transit. Additionally, the Air Packs effectively absorb shocks or impacts that might occur during handling and transit. They are suitable for a wide range of products, from delicate small items to larger, heavier items. Customisation options are available to tailor the Air Pillows to different shapes and sizes.