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Volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) Liquids protect metal surfaces from rust and deterioration. They function by emitting volatile molecules that establish a protective coating on the metal. This coating prevents corrosion by obstructing direct contact of the metal surfaces with moisture, oxygen, and other corrosive agents.

The composition of VCI Liquids includes a mixture of corrosion-inhibiting agents with organic compounds like amines, organic acids, and salts. These components exhibit vapour pressure at standard room temperatures, allowing them to vaporise and create a protective environment around the metal surfaces.

As the VCI Liquid vaporises, it leaves behind a thin molecular layer on the metal surface, which shields against corrosion. This protective layer hinders the electrochemical processes that lead to corrosion by passivating the metal surface or neutralising corrosive elements. Our VCI Liquids are efficacious in protecting metal parts and components during storage, transit, and in various scenarios where metals are prone to corrosion.