Foam-In-Place Packaging protects and cushions delicate products during transit. The system utilises a specialised machine that blends two liquid chemicals – Polyol and Isocyanate – to create a protective foam mixture.

Custom-Fit and Secure Protection

The foam mixture is dispensed either into a plastic bag or directly onto the item, where it expands and solidifies and forms a custom-fit foam cushion that thoroughly encases the product.

This packaging solution offers shock absorption and vibration dampening which protects the product from potential damage during handling and transit. The foam used in this machine is also lightweight and recyclable. Its versatility makes it suitable for products of various shapes and sizes.

Our Foam-In-Place Packaging is suitable for diverse sectors, including Automotive, Electronics, Medical Equipment, and delicate retail products. While our process is generally automated with machines regulating the dispensing and expansion of the foam, manual options like individual expanding foam bags are also available for operations not equipped with the machine.

  • Electric gear pump for consistent discharging pressure and enhanced foam quality
  • Key components include heating element, temperature sensor, discharge mechanism, display interface, control modulator, and a pressure sensor.
  • Wall-mounted control cabinet for easy installation
  • Liquid hose equipped with heating wire and helical structure coating
  • Self-checking computer system detects malfunctions
  • Capable of performing timed foaming liquid mix with preset foam moulding volumes.
  • Operates on a 220V stabilized power supply with no auxiliary power needed

Instant expanding foam bags

  • Machine-free usage and ready for use anytime
  • Protection for fragile shipments
  • Activate chemical mixing manually in bags with hands
  • Protects products of various sizes, shapes and weight
  • Recommended for high-volume users

Foam Injection Machine

  • Adjustable temperature and liquid flow
  • Single chip control program
  • Digital LCD