Edge Board Protector or Corner Protector or Edge Guards protect the edges and corners of products, which are often susceptible to impacts, abrasion, or compression during handling or movement.

Mitigating Impact-Related Damage

The protector is made from high-quality and reusable board material. It is versatile in application and available in plastic, foam, and cardboard.

Designed in an L-shape, the Edge Board Protector snugly fits over the edges or corners of products – creating a protective barrier to absorb and disperse the forces exerted by impacts to prevent dents, chips, or cracks on the edges and corners of packaged products.

By fortifying the corners and edges, the Edge Board Protector adds structural strength and stability to stacked pallets or boxes – preventing package movement. The protector further provides a stable surface for strapping or banding materials and ensures these materials do not compromise the condition of the packaged goods.

Advanced Cushioning and Reinforcement

Our edge protectors are available with additional features, such as cushioning or reinforcement, to provide enhanced protection against impacts and the pressures of stacking. The Edge Board Protector can be used in the Logistics, Manufacturing, and Retail sectors and is suitable for a wide range of applications, including Aluminum, Steel, Electronics, Doors, Windows, and Consumer Goods.

  • Protects edges and corners from impact, abrasion, and compression
  • Absorbs and distributes forces of impact to minimise damage
  • L-shaped design for secure fitting over edges or corners
  • Creates a protective barrier for packaged items
  • Adds strength and stability to stacked pallets or boxes
  • Maintains package integrity and prevents movement during transit
  • Provides a stable surface for secure strapping or banding
  • Some models are fitted with cushioning or reinforcement for enhanced protection
  • Available in plastic, foam, or cardboard materials
 A (mm)  B (mm)   C (mm)   D (mm) 
 50-60000  35  35  BIO 2-6

HS 1-6

 40  40
 45  45  BIO 2-8

HS 1-8

 50  50
 60  60
 80  80
 100  100
 B x C (mm)   A (mm)   D width (mm) 
 35 x 35  1000  3
 50 x 50  1000  4
 60 x 60  1000  4
 60 x 60  1000  6

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